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Living in the matrix
Another Way
Numerology for a new day

By Ellis C Taylor

The first book in a series that will change your life.
In this book:

  • The science of numbers, also called numerology, is off the ceiling, out of the musty cupboard and catapulted into today.

  • The mysteries of how and why numerology works is explained.

  • Astonishing insights into our world and what reality is.

  • How what we recognise as our own private thoughts are perpetually and surreptitiously overlaid to obscure our destiny and who we really are.

  • Why it is that most people who talk and write about the hidden evil that governs our world get away with it.

  • Roman letters and alphabets were introduced by designers engaged by secret schools under the auspices of the Roman Church. Every one of them are occult designs and the most cunning and potent agents of mass mind, and hence social control ever devised. For instance letter a is pictured to represent the flaccid male genitalia in profile; and the real value of letter G is 33. Could this explain its significance to religious and masonic symbolism?

  • Completely new numerological concepts with clear step by step instructions, diagrams and examples.

Numerologist, tarot reader, clairvoyant and psychic Ellis C Taylor has researched and written on esoteric subjects for many years.

Since September 2000 his popular website has become a favourite for intuitively sensitive people who are questioning the implausibility of sanctioned explanations. Besides his profound personal experiences his studies have included hypnotherapy, healing, ancient religions, mythology and history. He is the first to admit that his ideas are unconventional but he says that every idea anyone ever had is a message from the Great Unconscious - the mind of God, if you like. Ideas are pristine instantaneous messages unblemished by intellect at the point of reception. Only when the conscious mind (ego and intellect) gets involved does the inspiration become flawed. Conventional thinking, he says, is basically just another word for ignorance through terrorist conditioning and hence all human judgements are inept through their blighted vision of the full picture. We are here in human form to gather experiences to paint that ever expanding picture not to follow other people's dictates and wallow in their fear-mongering. We are all aspects of something so intensely magnificent, so welcoming, so You.

Enjoy what you do, live it. Life's a 'trip' man, a breeze, and O, what a blessing!

Cover illustration: The beautiful 'Cathar Portal', by Neil

First edition published in the UK by BiggyBoo Books 17th August 2005

Paperback: Perfect bound  (approx. 145 x 205mm ~ 5¾ x 8⅛ inches)  80 pages

ISBN 0 9550417 1 6

Price: £6.50 + p&p

See list of stockists below
Published in the USA by TGS Hidden Mysteries

Paperback: Perfect bound  (approx. 145 x 205mm ~ 5 x 8 inches)  77 pages


Price: $8.95 + p&p
Published in the UK by BiggyBoo Books February 2008

Paperback: Perfect bound  (6" x 9" ~ 229 x 152 mm )  96 pages

New cover and redesigned interior - SAME TEXT

Price: £6.50 + £2.00 pp
Living in the Matrix



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